Sirimed s.r.l. is a company with decades of experience in general construction in the public and private sectors with a particular specialization in the Health sector.
The company is active throughout the national and international territory. The head office is in Catania and for over 6 years has a branch in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Through participation in national and foreign public tenders and taking advantage of the consolidated commercial relationships with private customers, it pursues an objective of responsible and sustainable development in the construction sector by promoting the use of technologically innovative materials and processes in the design and construction of major works.
The presence for over 30 years on the market and the consolidated experiences realized, represent the solid foundations that have allowed the company to undertake an ambitious internationalization project.
With the aim of seizing the opportunities of expanding markets, the company has acquired important contracts in Malta.
The company has a complete organizational structure, with over 60 active operators specialized in the design, construction and management of any work.

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