Sirimed is a company with decades of experience in general construction in the public and private sectors, with particular specialization in the health sector, capable of providing a service that synergistically embraces all the most important processes of birth, growth, maintenance and development of the most modern hospital structures.
Demonstration of the synergy achieved can be found in the hundreds of “turnkey” Operating Rooms that Sirimed has designed and built throughout Italy in recent years, both as new design works and as renovation and modernization works. These constructions were carried out entirely with internal staff, regularly and stably structured.

By participating in national and foreign public tenders and taking advantage of the consolidated commercial relationships with private customers, it pursues an objective of responsible and sustainable development in the construction sector by promoting the use of technologically innovative materials and processes in the design and construction of large-scale works.
Active throughout the national and international territory, it has a main office in Catania and, for over 8 years, a branch in Sardinia, in Cagliari.
In 2003 was established GR Impresit, a twin company focused on the medical gas sector, and Medco in 2020, which is specialized in the production of autoclaves for sterilization and stainless steel furnishings.
The presence on the business for over 30 years and the consolidated experiences achieved represent the solid foundations that have allowed us to undertake in recent years an ambitious internationalization project aimed at seizing the opportunities of expanding markets, in particular with the acquisition of important contracts in the Maltese territory commissioned by the Steward Healthcare Company, an American company worldwide leader in the management of private healthcare, for the construction of a building of over 9000 square meters, home to the prestigious English University “Barts Medical School”.

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