Site: Cagliari

August 2011 – June 2012

Four new operating rooms of the latest generation. All equipped with cutting-edge equipment. The works, which began in August 2011 and ended after ten months, involved the overall restructuring of an operating block located on the third floor. Three rooms were planned in the original project, but after checking the favorable plan conditions and the financial availability of the Brotzu Company, four were built, which were inaugurated during a ceremony.
The entire area is about 800 square meters: the operating rooms have been renovated according to accreditation standards that allow all types of surgery including orthopedics, neurosurgery and transplants with precise control of the microclimate within the department. The block has four structured wake-up zones with patient control and monitoring equipment, typical of an intensive care unit.
The new block has an advanced multimedia system that allows constant contact with the medical team and the transmission of images of surgical interventions, the real-time acquisition of CT images and x-rays through monitors present in each room.
Particular attention was paid to safety: a continuous monitoring system for the control of the gases present in the rooms was installed. Any anomaly is thus immediately reported. The project, thanks to the multimedia system, allows the trainees to follow the interventions from the teaching rooms of the hospital by interacting with the team, through audio-video support, without crowding the operating room.